Ring #252 from
The National Museeums
medival ring collection


The ring gives off earth and gold – goods and gold are meted out until only the essential is left. The innermost ring of fine gold symbolises what is needed for unselfish charity – a pure and soft, but still strong soul.
The source of inspiration was the set of inscriptions on the Danish National Museum’s ring no. 252, “AGIS” and “MARIA” – and the fact that it may have been a love ring. Agis was mild, considerate and charitable. Maria was receptive and gentle. Like Agis and Maria, this ring of charity gives out goods and gold.

It is Ring no. 252’s inscriptions – Agis and Maria – and the fact that it was possibly meant as a love ring that has inspired me to my own ring.
I have taken as my starting point Plutarch´s and Marie Louise Lefévre´s interpretations of Agis and Maria respectively.
In short, Agis and Maria are both earthly persons who have a small place in the later tales of the time they lived in. But nonetheless, they have both had a great significance for their posterity.
In their own unique way, they gave what they had to their fellow human beings.
Agis was gentle, considerate and loving. At a very young age, he wholeheartedly engaged politically for a society of equality and morality.
Maria´’s qualities were the receptive and the gentle. Qualities we humans often need and which should be there when life is conceived and where it ends

Year: 2004
Materials: Finegold dust and dirt-mâché.