Cufflinks Inspired by rooftops from children’s drawings. And a Chinese sign for home which contains a triangular roof shape. The wide triangle is hollow therefore they do not weigh much and you do not get the weight and clunky clunky sound feeling as with the conventional cufflinks. Made of Silver Price DKK 1725


Cufflinks Number crunchers are reputed to be as dull and stiff as the shirts and ties they wear. But this is no law of nature. Finance can be lively and creative – just like the individuals behind the desk. An utterly ordinary paperclip inspired the Cuff-Clip cufflinks. The kind you often find in the vicinity …

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Classic pair

Cufflinks A classic pair in a rectangular open form. For casual or suite wear. Made in silver. Price Dkk 1250

Loop de Loop

Cufflinks The epitome of masculine daring is the loop done in stunt flying, a feat that not only sparked a desire to make men’s jewellery, but also inspired it. A starkly simple set of cufflinks. The elastic on the cufflink wraps around the shirt cuff, wrinkling it. Shirt and cufflink thus become one. They are …

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