Fashion shows

Dress by Antonie Lauritsen – Belt by Karina Noyons

Selkie – Belt

In the period 1997-1999, designer and tailor Antonie Lauritzen invited the workshop Au-Art’s jewellery artists (including me) to make show jewellery for her creations.

The very special thing about this invitation was that we were completely free and without the usual dictated jewellery wishes which is otherwise normal in the collaboration clothing designer / jewellery designer

To the Left, the dress Selkie with my belt is inspired by the dress’s source of inspiration: A Selkie is a mythical creature. The occult in the mythical is my background for the belt.

It was an insanely fun time – many thanks to Antonie for daring to set us free in her world.

Including various photoshots of Antonie’s shows and studio sessions.

Photo af Elona Sjøgren