Romeo and Juliet


Is there anything more fantastic than love at first sight? That love that comes KAPOW! when you least expect it. That takes every fibre of your body by delicious storm? And that cannot be repressed for anything in the world. Long live the unconditional and open love that binds two souls together – day and night.

On both rings, the sides are marked with the couple’s names. One side with the man’s name + date and the other with the woman’s name + date.

The ends carry a sun and star as symbols of day and night.

Both rings are open, and the woman can choose to have the ends of her ring shifted to make it more ornamental.

Romeo & Juliet is made of Silver, 18kt. Gold or 18kt. White Gold

Price silver Dkk 3600 / pair

Price gold – This price follows the gold rate and ring size – Please contact me for price.