UrbanBrooch #3

Visible Front

Urban Brooch 3 is exhibited 1st time at City of Jewellery CPH in 2019.
The brooch exist of only the front without needle and is sewn on to the inside of the garment with Urban Brooch #1. It can only be sensed through the fabric. It is the fastening stiches and the Gold that shines through that are visible to the world.

This piece is an interpretation of 4 stories about jewellery / values / things that has been sewn into clothes. My interpretation has no political content, it is the universally human in the stories that is the inspiration for the brooch.

It can also be sewn on the front, it is you who decides whether it is for everyone to enjoy or only for you. The mind and hands are activated when you go to carry it.

Year: 2019
Material: Gold 585

4 life stories:

For three days, Kim Huong Nguyen and her four brothers sailed in the primitive boat about 10 meters long. Along with 30 other Vietnamese who had been given a seat in the boat. On a turbulent sea, they tried to orient themselves towards nearby Thailand about 240 kilometers away. “We were fighting violent waves while keeping an eye on pirates at sea. In our clothes we had sewn in gold coins so that our values ​​could not be so easily found if we were caught by the pirates. >> Excerpt from an article in Århus Stiftstidende 29 April 2015 <<

We were lined up at a long table, gentlemen separately and ladies separately. There were 2 SS men sitting at each table. The first received the seized values ​​and passed them on to another who put them in a large bag. They asked if we had sewn money into the clothes, and received DKK 35,000 which we had brought with us to the escape in Sweden. And they asked if we had hidden anything in the rectum. They suspected a man and he was investigated. >> Excerpt from the book Danmark Besat <<

The bird ham shaman suit is known for the many fringes that hang everywhere on the suit. They represent feathers. So do many of the pieces of iron sewn to the suit. Others of the suit’s iron pieces represent bones and the skeleton. The iron pieces itch when the suit is moved. Along with the sound of bells and bells on the suit, the noise scares away evil spirits and thus protects the shaman. The many things that hang on a shaman’s suit can physically make the suit heavy. >> Excerpt from the Danish National Museum’s exhibition catalog Shamans and Spirit Makers <<

The Tsar, the Zarina and the daughter Maria were dead. The same was true of two of the servants. The rest were only wounded. The commander now killed Alexei and the court doctor with his pistol. Meanwhile, the other guards killed the court lady and the remaining daughters, Olga, Tatiana and Anastasia. They first tried with shots and then bayonets, but layers of diamonds and other values ​​sewn into their clothes protected the princesses. Eventually, the guards executed them one by one with shots to the head, making sure everyone was dead. >> Excerpt from Article from Illustrated Science <<