Gudbjörg Kr. Ingvarsdottir

Smykke designer – Island

1:1.618 – Brooch

Materialer: Sølv og perle

The Brooch: The Golden Ratio is the natural movement of energy.
When your energy flows smoothly, you perform at your best, excel, feel joyful, passionate, content, and even healthier.
This brooch is a tribute to Peter O’Connor, an architect with whom I shared love for creativity, design, and nature.

Guðbjörg began her career studying goldsmithing at Copenhagen Technical College, completing her journeyman’s examination in 1993. She completed her master craftsman examination in goldsmithing at Reykjavík Technical College in 1994, subsequently returning to Copenhagen to study jewellery design at the Institute for Precious Metals.  In collaboration with like-minded others, Guðbjörg ran the jewellery workshop Au-Art in Copenhagen from 1996 to 1999.  She then returned to Iceland where she founded the design and jewellery firm Aurum by Gudbjörg

Photo Credits: Írís Stefánsdóttir