Jane Bowden

Jewellery designer/maker – Australia
IG Zu Design

Square woven brooch – Brooch

Materials: oxidised sterling silver with 22ct gold

The Brooch: My exhibition pieces often use time-consuming textile techniques, and ‘Square Woven’ brooch is a good example of my processes. I begin from the centre of the piece, weaving 0.25mm sterling silver and gold wire around 0.7mm struts. The tension created once I thread the struts through the outer frame creates my form. 

Jane writes: My pieces were exhibited as a part of Australian Contemporary at SOFA 2005 ’Luminere, Luxe and Volupte – luxurious light and seductive form’ represented by the JamFactory in 2005 and this is where I first me Karina as she was representing Art Jewellers from Copenhagen on a stand close by. I was instantly drawn her pieces and to the work that she was exhibiting. I bought one of her felt Party Purse’s which I love.

I later met Karina again when she travelled to Australia. We spent a lovely evening in the Adeliade Hills in Aldgate having pizza. I will never forget how worried she was about finding a redback under the toilet seat, this luckily is something that has never happened to me, although I do often pick up a chair outside to double check! I think of Karina every time.