Kirsti Doukas

Designer MA – Finland

X-File – Broche

Materialer: Plywood, birch, steel

The Brooch: X-File brooch is part of 20 unique brooches serie, which I have made in the spring 2023. This special piece 5 x 5 cm size I have made for this Vesterbro exhibition. The others are much bigger ones.
In every brooch the structure of plywood layers is one-of-a-kind creating interesting feeling of the movement on the surface.That makes plywood so interesting material. In Finland there is a long tradi.on of working with plywood in Arts and crafts. I have used CNC -milling in order to find forms. Brooch has been finished by hands.

Kirsti: I am a designer and goldsmith. I graduated as a goldsmith at the Lahti Design Institute in 1989 and later received my masters Degree from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki in 1994. I gained international experience by studying as an exhange student in Germany for two semesters in Fachhochschule für Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd. In August 2022 I began glassblower studies in Nuutajärvi Glassvillage.
I have worked most of my career as a designer and Design director in jewellery industry at Kaunis Koru and Kalevala Jewelry.
From the year 2010 I have worked as a freelancer and entrepreneur in my own company Saarikorpi Design Oy. From the year 1995 I have worked also as a teacher of Jewelry Design in several schools.
I’m constantly searching for new materials and solu.ons. I have almost 30 years long experience in jewellery design and manufacturing. I believe that high quality design, cra^smanship and modern technologies makes the before unimaginable products possible. I have used technology almost 10 years in my jewelry. Lately I have studied of plywood and glassblowing

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