Matti Mattsson

Metalsmith – Finland

Dog Drive Car to the Desert – Broche

Materials: Top of old Cooking pot

Matti has worked as a metalsmith for 45 years and see it as a service occupation. He writes about his work:

My work is like a circle: Material is brought to the studio, it is turned into something new and then the finished product leaves the studio. I find the whole process touching. My mind is kept active by the creative process and working with the material. I take a nap almost every day and let my subconscious do the work. After a nap I often find the answers I’ve been looking for to proceed.
Keeping my studio open for public is the foundation of my work, as I use recycled material given to me. Kids have trusted me with their old toys. Old people bring me things they haven’t wanted to throw away. They are happy to see what can be made of materials they have sometimes been keeping in store for years.
I learned recycling from my parents. When I was a child, we tore down houses and reused the building material. I remember pulling nails off the planks and straightening them with a hammer. That memory is one of the reasons I am a jewel artisan. I first worked abroad in 1973 and have found Germany the best country to work in. Recycling household waste is a part of everyday life there, and people are interested to see how recycled products can be turned into something new.

Matti Matsons CV